Katlet Recipe


I personally love Katlet! But it may seem to most that it is a hard dish to make. Let me be the first to tell you that its much easier than it looks!! Here is a simple recipe to follow to make yourself some Katlet just like mom used to make!

Things you will need:
Large mixing bowl
Chef’s Knife
Measuring cup
2 Large plates
Small bowl
Baking sheet
Large frying pan (the bigger the better)
Wax paper

1 lb. ground beef (can be substituted with ground veal, or turkey)
1 small yellow onion
1 red bell pepper (optional)
1 large egg
4 cups bread crumbs (any will work, but we recommend panko, or Italian flavored)
1/3 cup milk
1 bunch italian parsley
oil for frying
1 Tbs. salt
1 tsp. pepper
Measure out 4 Tbs. of the bread crumbs and pour into small bowl, add milk on top, mix and allow crumbs to soak in milk until they are well saturated. Chop the italian parsley finely and set aside. Add ground beef into mixing bowl. Peel onion, and using grater, grate it on top of the beef (grating instead of chopping onion releases more fluids which make a more juicy mix), if using the red bell pepper, cut off stem and do the same with it. Crack egg into the bowl, add about half of the parsley, salt, pepper and the milk/breadcrumb mixture. Using your hands mix the ingredients well until they are evenly dispersed into the bowl. Once well mixed, first Ball mixture in equal amounts, approximately 10 balls, next using your hands, create patties of the meat, they should not be more than half an inch thick and about 5 inches in length. Make as many patties as you can out of the mixture and set aside on baking sheet (you can use wax paper to separate the patties if you run out of room on sheet so they don’t stick to each other). Add the rest of the bread crumbs to a large plate and set next to the stove. In the frying pan pour about a 1/4 f oil and set over medium heat. Dredge all patties before frying. When oil is hot take patties one by one, coat in bread crumbs and drop into oil. Let the patties fry for about 2 minutes or well browed and turn using spatula. Let the patty fry on other side for another few minutes or well browned, remove from pan and place onto paper towel on second large plate. Let stand for a few minutes, sprinkle with a bit more salt(optional) and serve. Additional parsley makes a great topping for Katlet.

Chef’s Notes:
Cooking time will vary depending on thickness app
For best results, drain oil and wipe out pan between batches (this prevents dark specks from the residual breadcrumbs)

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  1. janelle

    Because I’m an outsider, I don’t always know what these dishes should look like.
    I’d LOVE to see some pictures of the final product…or pics of the process.
    Doesn’t have to be totally professional like this site, but just an idea!

  2. Eric Tima

    janelle, thanks for the input, we are working on the photos and they should be up very soon.

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