Private Cooking Lessons

Looking for a fun environment, filled with good food, good drinks and the chance to learn how to make your favorite dishes? Look no more! Please email us at

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  1. Greetings1 I am hoping you might help answer a question. I am a recently retired Lutheran pastor who was a former chef at Disneyland, Sheraton, and Colonnade Hotels. A good friend was the late Chef Paul Posti, Frank Sinatra’s chef who worked at the Brown Derby and Villa Capri to name a few. I own all his recipes (approx. 1000) used at these establishments and would like to start a private cooking class business in New England. I am hoping you might let me know your thoughts. I am familiar with some French, Italian, German, Middle Eastern and Chinese cooking that Posti taught me. We cooked at his home every Monday night for eight years and I learned some of his favorite recipes including Steak Sinatra, and the hamburger sauce used for Elvis Presley when he stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel. My question is, do you think this is a good idea? Thanks and have a great day.
    George Mather

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