Take a moment to vote on which dish you would like too learn how to cook.

  1. Karmir Pilav (Red Rice)
  2. Katlet (Pan Fried Meat Patties)
  3. The Armenian Style Yellow Curry
  4. Makaron (Armenian Style Spaghetti)
  5. Dolma/Sarma
  6. Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian Stew)
  7. Phesenjan (Pomegranate and Chicken Stew)
  8. Jarko  (Roast Beef)
  9. Luleh Kabob (Ground Beef Kabob)
  10. Aloochap (Potato Katlet)

What would you like to learn to cook?

Hello, and thank you for visiting our blog. Our main focus is to help anyone who is interested in cooking authentic Armenian, Persian, or Mediterranean foods which our parents, friends, and relatives have been cooking for years. Please use this post to tell us what foods you would like to learn to make. Our first recipe post will come in the first week of January to help make Jerortnek “Armenian Christmas” a flavorful event.

Along with a weekly recipe we will be providing lessons in basics such as cooking the perfect rice, making Thadig and many many more.

Please spread the word!